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The people above Herd freaked out and last-minute desperation deals were pitched at Flair at the 11th hour, including a rumored job position as booker of WCW in addition to a raise. See, the really big problem, the one that ultimately cost Jim Herd his job in fact, is that Ric Flair was the WCW World Heavyweight Champion at the point when he was fired.

And then for most of the next six months afterwards. Meanwhile, Lex Luger was a complete flop as World Champion in every sense of the word, drawing some of the lowest ratings in the history of the company in that role.So that Hulk Hogan guy was pretty popular for a time. A series of drug scandals and questionable PR moves had left both the WWF and Hogan in a bad position.Hulk was dropping quickly as a marketable star after going on "The Arsenio Hall Show" and claiming to have only used steroids one time, in 1983, to heal an arm injury. The idea that an upstanding guy like Hogan would ever use steroids. Anyway, by 1993 the WWF was sorely lacking in star power and a marketable main event for Wrestle Mania, so they managed to drag Hogan away from his “lucrative” movie career for one last run as World Champion.Not that anyone in wrestling ever pays attention to the past, but here are some notable cases where the people in charge didn’t listen to the fans until it was too late, and WWE probably could have remembered that this sort of thing has happened before.This isn’t always the case, because sometimes the fans think they want someone and it turns out that the person they want is completely wrong for the role.

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