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We think we can probably blame Rita Ora for this - after Simon and Cheryl both opted to save Seann, she played the contrarian just to keep things interesting and chose to save professional douchebag Mason Noise. Cheryl doesn't want to do it "but it's part of me job". Just as we thought - possibly, we've said a lot of things - Kiera Weathers came last in the phone vote. Don't worry, eyes are entirely dry in live blog HQ. In case you missed it, Simon Cowell's overs hopeful Anton Stephans accidentally headbutted his mentor at the end of last week's results show.And then the boys' mentor Nick Grimshaw went for the cowardly option instead of following his heart. But "it's not the last we'll see of her", says Rita Ora. We're more concerned about poor Seann Miley Moore having to go up against despicable Mason Noise in the sing-off. It's a rough night for Kiera Weathers and Mason Noise, as predicted - ish - but what on earth is Seann Miley Moore doing in the bottom three? Make-up failed to hide it, leading some to speculate that Cowell got his revenge by landing Stephens with that terrible version of All About That Bass: Of course, there are other theories floating around too: Now that the second live show is out of the way, here's what's on our minds... Not really Reggie & Bollie's genre, but as ever, they were smiling. But anyone who did like the perky foursome will be absolutely distraught to hear that the band have today announced they've split. Apart from a minute ago on the whole Max and Monica thing. We're still thinking Kiera will go first, and the judges will then um and ah over Max and Monica. Now we're not saying X Factor is a fix (Max Stone might be, though, if he goes home tonight), but this song does feature an awful lot on the show - usually as background music during particularly emotional moments (like when someone's nan's hanging around backstage with Olly Murs) but tonight as the group number.To mix it up a bit, I reviewed the newly released Burleigh's Leicester Edition gin, because that's trying something new and local, so why not?

While some people believe Anton is a wonderful talent who was failed by a dodgy song choice beyond his control, others think the charismatic ex-backing singer deserves to go. Last night’s X Factor live show, with its “reinvention” theme, was a mixed bag.

However, I still popped along to the new Framework Brewery - whose first birthday we just celebrated at the Tap in the Square at St Martin's Square.

I'm hopeful we'll see them back in the city centre soon!

Is there a contestant in this year's rabble who's as fun and exciting as last year's sassy (and we don't use that word lightly) runner-up Fleur East?

Oh, don't you just want to give him a big cuddle (but take a Piriton first)?

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