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It is class for me And I love it not because its a CD, I love it because IT IS A Class and IT IS Unique.

The first time I tried this perfume I didn't know much about perfumes or their houses.

Lipstick or make up bag, I don't know how these two smell and I don't care.

I'll update if I get something different as it develops.

Like a lot of other people said, I also think this is a very metrosexual smelling fragrance. What I love most about this fragrance is that even though I have a 2015 bottle. This perfume is classic and yet modern, open with smooth iris and powdery. Smell Like Very Honorable , Manly , Sexual Together 2. I also own Prada L'homme Intense which is a much sweeter formulation with tonka/leather DNA and unreal longevity, and Valentino Uomo Intense, which is a dryer, less complex iris fragrance with more silage and less longevity on me. Scent 9.5 / 10 Versatility 7/10 Sillage 10/10 (parfum) Performance 10/10 Compliments 8.5/10 Overall 9/10, 4.5/5 The dior homme intense is a great fragrance. As soon as you spray you can smell its woody nature.

It lasts forever and projects like a madman at 8-10 hours of longevity and a nice 2-3 hour cloud. Dior Homme Intense is a hight quality scent as niche brand, complex ,deep and unisex. When I'm not sprayin', I constantly smell this off the cap. 2015) First spray, and I am excited for the ride... The anticipation of the purchase, after, continuous sampling at the department store made me believe I was buying something with some “umph.” Maybe this is meant to be more of an intimate fragrance, meant to be experienced up close. I would love to try the vintage Edp; I wouldn’t doubt it packing a punch. Ranked by linearity, PLI is the most linear and DHI the least. You can immediately smell the lavender pear and cedar.

I tried this fragrance in store about 2 years ago and thought it smelt absolutely rank, the lipstick opening put me right off it.

Fast forward to November 2017 I gave it another try in store (don't know why to be honest) and I can only guess my taste in fragrances has changed because I loved it as soon as I smelt it.

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If you are a man that likes to wear Black Orchid like I do, this could be another banger for you. This is a good combination between vintage and modern style. Scent: 9/10 Project: 9.5/10 Longevity: 9.5/10 This perfume is good only in cold weather. I always can smell this off my skin the next morning after applying the evening before, 12 hours... Sad, everything is being reformulated, and losing it’s luster. Between the three, I like Dior Homme Intense the best as the lavender gives a bright lift making it appropriate for more occasions. I got compliments for this one and those who did were impressed by ir. Remained on my skin clearly for 6 hours or so i definately recommend it The key to like this fragrance is to approach it neutrally.

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