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We hope the creators will take the right decision and in 2015 we will enjoy the new episodes of the «Longmire» show.

Follow the announcements and we will inform you about the verdict.

(2007, on his Kingpin part) The Farrelly's sent me Kingpin, I remember, and they had said that they were thinking of me for the Bill Murray role-they had it out to Bill Murray, but they weren't sure if Bill Murray was going to do it.

Then they called and said, "Yeah, Bill Murray's gonna do it." And I said "Oh, that's too bad," and then they wrote this other little part for me in the casino, and ...

Some critics even allowed themselves to talk about the imminent closing of the show, but still there are no reasons for project cancellation.

viewers Uncertain start of the third season of «Longmire» television series provoked discussions concerning its fate.

TV-channel: A&E Pilot episode: June 3, 2012 Developed by: John Coveny, Hunt Baldwin Season 1 Episode 1: 4.15 million U. The rights holders aren’t in a hurry to take a decision and the premiere date of the season 4 .

" The duo appear throughout the episode commenting on Avid's antics.In the episode "Car Trouble", Bryan Pearson (Skyler Gisondo) gets in a fight at school, and tries to get his parents to not call the school because they'll embarrass him.Lauren Pearson (Jennifer Lawrence) points out that he has an Elmo lunchbox and is worried that his mother will embarrass him. " In the episode "Rich Youngsta," Dre does a commercial for a rapper, Rich Youngsta that he shows to his agent, he then tells Dre he talked to him about more sponsorships, and even a guest spot on Sesame Street, Dre responds "With Elmo?They are soon captured by Curtis and his army (featuring spoofs of Ernie, Bert and Big Bird), but Kurtis is quickly defeated."The Puppet Show" seen in the episode mixes elements of The Muppet Show (such as the logo and theater setting), Sesame Street (a brownstone and garage are seen on stage) and other references (including a rainbow on stage).

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