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Tahun ketiga melanjutkan proses pengajuan PATEN Kemenkum HAM diserta perbaikan terhadap prototipe Air Inflated Greenhouse dilanjutkan uji coba prototipe hasil perbaikan di Lab Universitas Merdeka Malang, serta uji coba lapangan di workshop Mitra.

KHAN.is his journey begin to see Mr President Barrack Obama to clear some misunderstanding after his beloved step-son died because of his surname...anybody believe when he say that he want to see Mr.Without Ammi, his heart feel nothing and empty..he always keep his promise to ammi.one day.will live happily ever after with the loved one....an adult..finally falling in love with Mandira, a single mother with a son who is Hindu and lives in San Fransisco...cute is he when trying to flirting Mandira..they end up with simplest but colorful wedding ceremony......Everything was changed after WTC tragedy on 11 September 2001 attacks....The relationship with the neighbours also not good as before...since their bestfriend's husband died because of war at Iraq..the big affect is to their lovely son-Sameer..just stand alone as a Muslim..survive his challenging days at school...Reese,the only best friend that he has also dont bother him anymore because he is a Muslim after WTC tragedy....

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