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Gracias y te felicito, la calidad de los viodeos es perfecta. Saludos @Brujilda_1, lamento te hayan eliminado todos los link, quede a medio camino de terminar, espero los puedas subir de nuevo o usar otro servidor vigente. Unfortunately it became an obsession for her and ventured into the world of becoming a "human pet".

Because her father died due to complications from Multiple Sclerosis, fighting this disease has been an important cause to Marg for much of her adult life.Nick is pained by the idea the baby will have no one and looks into the suicide as a possible murder when it is found the girl had been cyber-bullied by several popular girls at the high school once she started dating the teenage father.Nick is determined to bring justice for the young victim who felt so alone in the world that she took her own life and almost her babies.Margot Wilton, un icono del striptease de Las Vegas es apuñalada por un desconocido en el dormitorio de su casa, suceso que investigará el C. A pesar de procesar el inmueble pormenorizadamente, los forenses no encuentran ni huellas ni ADN del agresor. Tras sobrevivir al ataque, la artista descubre que su agresor la estaba vigilando desde hacía tiempo.

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The victim had left her life behind to the dismay of her co-worker and friend who went to the dentist's home to snap her out of it but ended up accidentally killing her in the process. Robbins find a teenager hung in her bedroom and realize she is pregnant and the baby is still alive. Robbins performs and emergency C-section in the girl's bedroom and saves the baby girl.

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